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왕녀와 기사

 This article is also present in the game.

System Option ( 4 Page ) : Fast paced game

 1) Click on each character's face to his/her status. 

2) Character's ability and manage the equipments on status screen.

3) Click on equipment to direct to equipment page to management.

1) Moving the character by either clicking 'OK' button 
after the location of movement or by double-click the location.

2) If you want to change the character's direction after moving, 
click the direction button on the right.

1) Play efficiently with Acting power by change the posture to use the skills.

2) Please click on description screen to cancel the selected skill in use.

3) After selecting the target or position to use the skill, 

click the OK button or double-click on the  target or position.

Click on Quick Skill Button to use a skill that used in the previous turn.

1) Please click the 'STAND BY' button while charater's turn to be over 

with reamining Acting power.

2) Select not on character, but on certain ground click on 'END YOUR TURN' button 

to start Allies' or Enemies' Moves.

Click on System button to save/load/exit and options for the game.

Read tips is easy to clear the game.

Game tips

1. Click on screen if there is a finger icon.

2. In a battle, Acting Power will be consumed if you make equipment change.

3. The default interfaces of the needed protroted ally characters turn into Gold.

4. The PP can't be recovered by the item, so please make a plan to use skills that require PP. 

5. Character or slot, etc are select and/or perform by double click.

6. Weapons with 100% ACCURACY ignore EVASION.

7. It's easier to clear the stage before each battle by identify enemies' tendencies. 

8. Also enemies cannot use stong attack when they are in low MP.

9. Long distance attack characters have low DEFENSE. 

     Please be careful when you move the characters.

10. As game difficulty increases, rewarded gold gets lower.

11. Magic shields cannot be overlapped.

12. More attack damages on the target on the back or side.

13. In a list screen, you can use up&down scroll to change the pages.

14. Please use left/right scroll if you want to change the main screen.

15. Please click the icon for more detail information. 

       Please click icon for more description of icon's meaning.

16. When both hands are equipped with weapons, 

       ACCURACY is followed by one of its higher ATTACK.