Princess And Knight for PC

Release notes

Princess And Knight have started selling in the Microsoft Store.
You can purchase the game by searching "Princess And Knight" in the Microsoft Store.

Ver 8.33 Play on Mac OS
Princess And Knight supports play on Mac OS. (App Store sales) 

Ver 8.33 Release notes
1. Support PS4 Wireless Controller

Ver 8.32 Release notes
1.Fixed a bug where an ally would hang when killed by a counterattack

Ver 8.2f2 Release notes
1. Add Playstation controller
Princess and Knight 8.2f2 version supports Playstation 4 controller.
Controller can be changed in option. 

Ver 8.2f1 Release notes
Bug fixes in v8 version

Ver 8.0 Release notes  (04.20.2021)
1. Change of game system from faction turn system to individual turn system
2. Support Gamepad
3. Game Play Icon change
4. Add skill type of hero character
5. Remove random upgrade when upgrading equipment.
6. Skill motion, skill effect, buff effect added
7. Game user interface changes
8. Game image upgrade
9. Game control changes
10. Add Items
11. Add Tutorial Stage
12. Text font change
13. The v8.0 update does not support older save files.
14. The v8.0 update does not provide demo.

Ver 7.5 Release notes 

Nov 07, 2019 Add Text on Village 

Nov 01, 2019 Game  Balance Patch
- Stage 12 : DWARF SHIELD SPECIALIST [Attack 342 -> 242]
- Stage 12 : DWARF BOMB SPECIALIST  [Attack 251 ->170]

Oct 29, 2019 English translation improvement

Oct 21, 2019 Game players can save game data at Mr.Bank's store.

Oct 20, 2019 Add Game Tutorial

Ver 7.0 Release notes 

Oct 6, 2019 Open the Game Demo to Stage 4

Sep 5, 2019 Steam Open.