왕녀와 기사

Release notes

Ver 6.3 Release notes (AppStore : Wait for Review)
Fixed a bug where items did not come in when the stage was completed

Ver 6.1 Release notes (AppStore : Ready for Sale)
1. Stage and difficulty level are displayed in the file save/load slot.
2. Fixed a bug where the purchase quantity control button did not work in the store.
3. Fix drag bugs that occurred when selling items to a store.
4. The inventory icon flashes red when a dangerous item is in inventory.
5. Fixed a bug where some store names were displayed incorrectly

Ver 6.0 Release notes 
1. If you touch the floor tile rather than the character during the battle, you can bring up the game system button.
2. When the reinforce is completed, the reinforce menu will not close automatically.
3. Moving a skill icon does not disappear.
When you move a skill icon to a battle tile, the help window is displayed semi-transparently.
4. Fixed some other bugs.

Ver 5.07c Release notes 
If you drag a move or skill icon, the help window on the left will automatically disappear.

Ver 5.07 Release notes 
During the battle, the skill icon has become bigger and the system button has been removed.
If you want to bring up the system window during battle, you can hold down the same tile for more than 3 seconds.

Ver 5.05 Release notes
1.Support iPhone X Series
2.Fixed Bugs

Ver 5.03 Release notes 
Fixed the problem of returning to title screen under certain conditions when "re-stage"

Ver 5.02 Release notes 
1. Immediate SRPG game implementation with intuitive game control changes
2. Momentum buff patch : real-time control -> turn method
3. Other bug fixes and features in game

Ver 4.1 Release notes 
- Critical Bug Fix -
After the character has leveled up and acquired the skill, if the next character heals, the old skill window is displayed.

Ver 4.0 Release notes 
1. Supports the latest version of IOS and Android.
2. In-game interface and controls have changed intuitively.
3. All in-game illustrations have been updated.
Battle scenes, endings, and items were the main remodeling targets.

Other than that ...

4. Battle AI of NPC has changed.
5. Drop enemy worn equipment.
6. You will not be able to use the old save file due to game update.
7. Various bugs and enhancements will be updated.

Ver 3.0 Release notes 
1.  Bug Fixed for iOS 10

Ver 2.07 Release notes 
1. Optimization of game

Ver 2.06 Release notes 
1. Bug fixes

Ver 2.05 Release notes 
1. Bug fixes

Ver 2.04 Release notes 
1. Upgrade game engine
2. Bug fixes

Ver 2.03 Release notes 
1. ADD Ally Character Target System

Ver 2.02 Release notes 
1. Game Skill Part English Retranslation

Ver 2.01 Release notes
1. Add ending song
    (If you complete the game, you can check on the album.)
2. Bugs fixed

Ver 2.0 Release notes
1. English Retranslation 
2. Change Event illustration design
3. Change Character Design 
4. Change Character Face Art 
5. Change Character Dot Design 
6. Open Image Album 
7. The change of game coding 64-bit 

Ver 1.9 Release notes 
1. Add very easy difficulty
2. Change of UI

Ver 1.8 Release notes 
1. Skill use gold bug fixed
2. Changed version 2.0 Icon & Logo

Ver 1.7 Release notes 
1. Upgraded UI
2. Upgraded Effects
3. Bug fixes

Ver 1.6 Release notes 
1. Change of the next game title

Ver 1.5 Release notes 
2. Bug fixes

Ver 1.4 Release notes 
1. English retranslation
2. Bug fixes

Ver 1.3 Release notes
1. UI bug fixes
2. Sleep mode disabled during the game

Ver 1.2 Release notes
1. Add the language selection window in the game initial startup.
2. Updated the icon image of a large-screen devices.
3. Change to "OFF" the default settings of the 'EVENT TALK LANGUAGE CHANGE BUTTON' that are in the Options menu.
4. Localized All countries Page (English)
5. Store Open : All countries