Princess And Knight

Release notes

Notice : June 28, 2021 (free version Only)
We stop distributing free version games due to the issue of additional development costs due to the strengthened iOS advertising policy(privacy protection).

Ver 8.33 (Mac OS Only)
The iOS full version game is patched the same as the Steam version and runs on Mac OS. 
1. Princess And Knight for Mac provides 3 additional difficulty levels.
2. Optional : The Mac OS version of "Princess And Knight" supports the PS4 Pad.

Ver 8.32
Fixed a bug where an ally would hang when killed by a counterattack

Ver 8.31
The character's End Turn button is fixed in the upper right corner.

Ver 8.2e
Bug fixes in v8 version

Ver 8.17c
1. Fixed an intermittent freeze bug when creating a dot effect icon

Ver 8.17b
1. Add In-App Product Purchase-Illustration by Roda (iOS Free Ver) 

Ver 8.17
1. Add Bonus Illustration for the Android full version game 
2. Add 4:3 screen optimization UI
3. Option: Added skill icon movement speed

Ver 8.16 
1. Fixed a bug where the range was displayed in the range skill that could not be used
2. Fixed a bug where the target of the bomb was displayed to the next character when obtaining a bomb
3. Dialog face image correction
4. Correction of text and typos
5. Camera bug fix in scene
6. Fixed a bug that pixel character were not applied when replacing equipment

Ver 8.15 
1. Fixed a target bug when equipping Eris with multiple bows
2. Fixed a bug where the right status window did not disappear sometimes.
3. Free Ver Activation of the in-app payment function to remove ads and activate the function

Ver 8.12 Release notes 
1. Change of game system from faction turn system to individual turn system
2. Game Play Icon change
3. Add skill type of hero character
4. Remove random upgrade when upgrading equipment.
5. Skill motion, skill effect, buff effect added
6. Game user interface changes
7. Game image upgrade
8. Game control changes
9. Add Items
10. Add Tutorial Stage
11. Text font change
12. Android API-29 Update
(This version of the game does not share the previous version of the game save file.)

Ver 6.1c Release notes
Fixed a bug where items did not come in when the stage was completed

Ver 6.1 Release notes
1. Stage and difficulty level are displayed in the file save/load slot.
2. Fixed a bug where the purchase quantity control button did not work in the store.
3. Fix drag bugs that occurred when selling items to a store.
4. The inventory icon flashes red when a dangerous item is in inventory.
5. Fixed a bug where some store names were displayed incorrectly

Ver 6.0 Release notes
18.5 : 9 ratio screen support

Ver 5.1a Release notes
1. If you touch the floor tile rather than the character during the battle, you can bring up the game system button.
2. When the reinforce is completed, the reinforce menu will not close automatically.
3. Moving a skill icon does not disappear.
When you move a skill icon to a battle tile, the help window is displayed semi-transparently.
4. Fixed some other bugs.

Ver 5.07c Release notes 
If you drag a move or skill icon, the help window on the left will automatically disappear.

Ver 5.07 Release notes 
During the battle, the skill icon has become bigger and the system button has been removed.
If you want to bring up the system window during battle, you can hold down the same tile for more than 3 seconds.

October 10, 2018
Released Princess And Knight for Android (Ver5.02f)

4:3 Screen Preview